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Pol Gessner Reserve Brut Champagne

Pol Gessner Reserve Brut Champagne NV

Made by Pol Gessner in France (region: Champagne) .

A dry, sparkling, white wine with 12.5% alcohol tasted on 11th Sep 2004.

Quality: Very Good

Value: Okay

Cost: Usually between $29.99 - $39.99.

Looks: Tight head of tiny bubbles, taking a good long while to settle, with a nice Bronze gold colour and a medium weight.

Smells: A light bready nose with a good citrus bent to it.

Feels: Quite light and elegant, with a solid prickle from the fizz!

Tastes: Yeastier than many French Champagne's, but this is still a fruit driven style with good grapefruit, mandarin and lemon acid giving great flavour. This is a great price. Not too many better French Champagne's than this at the moment, and at a quarter of the price!

Possible retailers: Vintage Cellars, BWS, Nick's Vintage Direct, First Estate.

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